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Registration is now open for October 3

Registration is now open for October 3

Walmart Canada added to impressive PPEC line-up of speakers at the October 3rd event
Press Release: Reusable Plastic Containers used to ship produce weak link in cross-­border biosecurity, pose contamination risk

Press Release: Reusable Plastic Containers used to ship produce weak link in cross-­border biosecurity, pose contamination risk

GUELPH, Ont. – May 8, 2017 – Evidence continues to mount from a University of Guelph researcher indicating that the sanitisation procedure for reusable plastic containers (RPCs) used to ship…

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Key Issues

The Association remains attentive to public issues that impact the corrugated packaging industry.  We seek to understand the full background of trends or changing issues and act in an appropriate fashion.


Input from customers, members and related industry associations provide sound advice to rely on.  We maintain an active role in areas of food safety, good manufacturing processes, government bodies and related packaging forums that support current issues.


Corrugated packaging is a sustainable, high performance system for protection, automation and delivery of products around the world.  We promote and defend these valuable characteristics.

reusable plastic containers

Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC’s)

The returnable plastic crate became an ideal shipping method for the automotive industry where established closed loop systems existed between manufacturers.


Academic research is the foundation of growth – and truth.  The CCCA seeks the structured analysis provided by research at Canadian universities on some key issues.


All paper-based packaging originates in a paper or board mill where the paper or board is formed into rolls or sheets. The major packaging grades (containerboard, boxboard, and kraft papers) are manufactured in kraft paper or board mills.

Packaging Designs

Our industry members are packaging experts, design specialists and the most creative professionals you will meet.


There are many definitions of sustainability, which makes it rather difficult to determine what is and isn’t “sustainable”.

Trees and Packaging

The Canadian pulp and paper industry grapples with two broad public misconceptions.